Dear valued guests,

The health, welfare and safety of our guests and employees is top priority at the Alexander Mackenzie Hotel and Timberman Inn, especially during the COVID-19 health emergency. There have been no reported cases of COVID-19 in Mackenzie, BC as of this date. Physical distancing has been implemented, and the directives of the BC Public health office are being observed. The hotel and motel remain open, with some changes.

Keeping our guests safe

We already clean and disinfect our rooms with an approved product effective at killing bacteria and viruses like COVID-19. Staff clean all hard surfaces such as tables, chairs, TV remotes, and bathrooms with a liquid sanitizer. Sheets, towels and bed covers are cleaned after each checkout, or as requested by each guest.  We use industrial grade washing detergent in our onsite laundry. Soap, shampoo and conditioner are replaced in rooms daily. 

Extra measures

  • All staff have been instructed on the safe and correct use of disinfectants and to handwash frequently.
  • Common area railings and door handles are wiped down frequently with sanitizer.
  • Physical distancing up to 2m apart has been implanted throughout the property.
  • Extra disinfectant and sanitation products have been procured, and staff have been advised to use it generously.
  • We are monitoring the situation as it unfolds and following the COVID-19 guidance plans of the BC Public Health Officer, Dr Bonnie Henry.

Cancellation policy Update

We understand that travel plans are in flux due to restrictions in place. We have revised our cancellation policy to allow a full refund of any booking, up until 24 hrs in advance, until further notice.

We will continue to monitor the situation and follow the evolving Public health directives to ensure the safety of guests and staff.


Tom Knight,

General Manager, Alexander Mackenzie Hotel, Timberman Inn